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your XXXHolic rating community
I was stamped as Doumeki-kun in 2007. And wow, what a year that was. But I've definitely changed a lot.
9th-Sep-2008 12:57 am - Aloha, Konoha Mokona!
Well, if this isn't the long overdue mod post.

OK, so I appologize for being a very neglectful mod. I really do. And thank you for all of you who were patient enough and for those new members I see sitting on the list. Welcome, to you newcomers, btw!
I'm glad to see people are still supporting the community :D

I'll be trying to be a bit more active within the community, since this school year isn't as hectic as last, I'll just have to mark it on the calander or something. I think I have stamped everone that needed to be stamped if their application was submitted more than a month ago.

So please, keep voting so I can keep stamping.

And there might be a new layout, if I feel up to it. My graphics are feeling kinda "meh"-ish since an incident involving a design I submitted at school 7_7;;

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